A guide to the most unique, sneaker and streetwear shops all over the world.

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The StreetWhere team, has been working closely with people from all over the world. These people all share the same enthusiastic interest for the global streetwear community. They have helped us to intensify the way we handpick all the shops. We pride ourselves in finding the right balance for the credentials a shop must comply, for us to select and add it to our guide. It is important for us to focus on the quality rather than the quantity. This means that, whenever we select a shop, we make sure it’s a worthy and must-visit shop.

We do not want to fill the guide to the limit and thereby misguide people. We want to find the hidden gems, local unexplored shops which fully meets our demands and expectations. Last but not least, your the explorers, we encourage you to notify us on our social media and here on our website, when you find a shop which needs to join StreetWhere!

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By clicking the map, it will instantly find your exact location and mark you. The map gives you a overview of all the selected shops in the cities from all over the world. We have made it easy to quickly point out if a shop is closed or open, by making them red and green.

So feel free to surf around the world map and explore new cities and shops you didn’t even knew existed.

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